An undiscovered destination: Bulgaria

It was already such a pleasure booking hotels while planning my trip to Bulgaria. I had just returned from Alaska, where the high season prices were sky high, but hotels seemed so much more affordable in this Eastern European country. However, this was not the end of my surprises. Bulgaria turned out to be a much more interesting, friendly and easily discoverable country than I had expected. Tovább

My jaw just dropped watching the world’s largest flower market

Every day 45 million flower pieces change hands at the Royal Flora Holland in Aalsmeer where I encountered my most interesting experience during my one week visit to Holland. I timed my trip for April so I could see the infinite fields of flowers in real life that I had already admired on hundreds of photos. I explored the world famous Keukenhof, but it couldn’t surpass the joy I felt at the gigantic warehouse where the world’s largest flower market is housed. Tovább