Total audience numbers – Travellina

A summary of all media outlets and their reach for

1. Website

Monthly unique users: over 15.000, page views: over 45.000


Visitors: from over 75 countries


2. Social media – over 30.000 followers in total

Number of facebook followers: 20.700+

Number of instagram followers: 8.800+

Youtube subscribers: 560+

Twitter followers: 600+

3. Online

Since October 2012, published 140 travel stories on, the largest Hungarian news portal- many of which were featured on the front page, as leading articles. Each travel story is about 10.000 character with 7-8 photos.

Sample article: Norway

Since 2017, contributor to National Geographic online in Hungary.

Sample article: Coffee culture in Colombia

4. Print

Figyelő Trend – a supplement to Figyelő (financial weekly) every two months about latest trends in technology, style, travel. Circulation: 7-8 thousand readers.

Sample article – a 5-page spread about New York

web_figyny1 web_figyny2 web_figyny3 web_figyny4 web-figyny5

Gasztro és Utazás (Gastronomy and Travel) – quarterly supplement to HVG (a weekly magazin on economy). Circulation: about 40.000 thousand readers.

Sample article: Ljubljana


5. Radio

Gave a number of one-hour interviews on Klubradio on various trips.  The channel’s total reach is 300.000 people

Sample interview: Maldives

In addition, was subject to interviews on various other radio channels, including Trend FM, Karc FM, Lánchíd Rádió, Tilos Rádió, Kossuth Rádió, etc.

6. TV

Gave an interview about Norway on Ozone Network, a thematic TV channel on green issues, travel, sustainability. The channel’s total reach is 400.000 people.

7. “15 minutes of fame”

BBC used one of my travel videos they found on my youtube channel in a program. See my recording of Thimpu Festival in Bhutan at 1.40 in the BBC travel recommendations – HERE

Lonely Planet regram of a photo I took in Istanbul


National Geographic liked one of my photos